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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can I not see prices?
A: You have to be logged in to our site as a registered trade customer to view prices, stock levels and offers.
Q: My order has disappeared from the cart what can I do?
A: Contact our office by phone or email. We now store your cart on our site and can usually recover all items.
Q: How do I register to use the site?
A: You must have a current Deanston trade account number to register on our site. Click on the Login/Account switch at the top of the page and then click the green switch on the right to register. You will be asked to type in your Deanston account number and when verified you will be asked to provide a current e-mail address and password, no other personal information will be requested. If you cannot get the site to accept your account number there is a possibility that if your account was opened very recently it may not yet have been activated for the website. Please contact our office if you think this may be the problem and we will allow web access within a few minutes.
Q: Do I have to log in each time I visit the site?
A: No, not unless you want to. Once you have logged in you can go to the Account/Login page and click on Change Registered Details and make sure that you check the box: Save your details for automatic login next time you visit? Then click continue. You have the option to logout any time by clicking the logout link at the top of each page. If you regularly clear cookies from your temporary internet files then you will have to log back in
Q: How do I find products?
A: The quickest way to find products on our site is to use the search facility at the top left of each page. You can use either single or multiple keyword searches eg kettles which will return all kettles or stainless steel kettles which will only return kettles which are stainless steel. You can also search by our own code numbers or by product manufacturer codes. If you cannot find a product after searching with our own codes, it is likely that the item was discontinued more than 2 years ago. If you prefer you can browse the categories by using the list on the left panel, or the catalogue switch at the top of the page.
Q: Can I leave the site half way through making an order and then come back to finish it a few days or even a few weeks later?
A: Yes. By default we will automatically save up to 150 products in an order for 30 days if you use the same device to access our site. However, due to the variety of browsers used and individual security settings we cannot guarantee this. If you use different computers to make up an order then you can still save your order by clicking the save order with us link on the order details page before checkout. You can then access this saved order on any computer by using the link in the customer service page. We can usually retrieve any order placed through this site if it disappears from your screen
Q: Can I add to an order after I send it?
A: Yes you can, but you will have to add your additional items to a new order and send it to us before 2pm on the day of the original order. If we receive additional orders after 2pm we cannot guarantee that they will be sent out with the original order. Or you can call our office to arrange extra items to be added.
Q: Why have I not received an email confirming my web order?
A: The most common reason for this is that your email address has changed since you registered. Please go to Login/Account and click on Change Registered Details and check that your email address is correct. It is also fairly common for order emails to be blocked by spam filters so please check your spam folder and make sure that sales@deanston-electrical.co.uk is on your safe senders list so that you can receive future order confirmations.
Q: Can I store favourite products in a list?
A: Yes. Most of our products will have an "add to favourites" link. You are able to store as many products as you want to and you can access your list any time by going to the Customer Service page and clicking the Wishlist: Favourite products link. Items can be added straight into an order from this list but you will have to change the quantity required.
The questions listed above represent only the most common questions we have received regarding the use of our site. If you are unsure about any aspect of using our online ordering service please do not hesitate to contact us either via the switch link at the top of the page or by telephone.
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